Platform Beds

Platform beds are one of the oldest forms of bed frames in the world. To get a mattress off the floor a simple platform was developed and got mattresses off the cold hard floor up onto a raised platform. Platform beds have been used since the beginning of time and today the platform bed is still a major furniture category in every country in the world. The platform bed is most popular in modern furniture designs as a compliment to clean and simple lines and features.

Platform beds require no box spring, allowing the mattress to simply rest on a set of spaced slats that completely support the mattress and weight of the sleepers evenly throughout the supported area. Box springs are a thing of the past, and not necessary in today’s world or Platform beds.  Box springs were designed when a spring was not included inside a mattress. But today’s mattresses include components from springs, coils, memory foam, wool, cotton, and latex. They aid to support the body in comfort that a box spring cannot do.

Platform beds have clean simple lines and are generally lower to the floor than traditional box springs and mattress sets.  Although many platform bed manufacturers offer higher profile beds and custom legs for people used to sleeping higher off the ground. Platform beds come in every size single 32 x 75, twin 39 x 75, twin extra-long 39 x 80, full/double 54 x 75, full/double extra-long 54 x 80, queen 60 x 80, California King 72 x 84 and Eastern King 76 x 80. Platform beds are available in solid woods such as walnut, cherry maple and oak as well as hardwood with finishes in a multitude of stains such as maple, oak, white, black, java, walnut, pecan, and cherry just to name a few. Some platform beds have a high headboard or no headboard at all. One popular design in a platform bed is no footboard. Hardly any European or Italian designed platform beds have footboards. Footboards make it impossible to sit at the end of a bed also the cleaner designed modern bed looks sleeker with no footboard attached. Some platform beds have trundle beds underneath, some accommodate drawers for extra storage.

Platform beds are the new modern of Bedroom Furniture. Old European meets modern is an up and coming category in today’s furniture market. Platform beds are an old answer to the new generations who want no waste such as unwanted box springs. Choosing a platform bed is easy once you know what size bed you need. Many platform beds have corresponding mirrored dressers, chests and nightstands to match the design of the perfect room with taste and flare.